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Excellent attorney highly recommend

Posted by PC on January 30, 2022

My attorney, Rosemary Schurman, wrote a brief that worked to overturn a decision and won my case. I had all but given up because it was so complicated. She was able to point out all of the key reasons I should win my case in a very organized and smart manner. She is a professional that made herself available to answer all of my questions. I am so grateful that I was recommended to her.


Posted by Jacquelyn on February 24, 2020

I was very near giving up as I was 5 years into my fight for SSDI. I was so grateful that Rosemray took my case as I was giving up hope. I received resolution with the court quickly, and I can only think it was because she fought for me! She was easy to contact with my concerns and my stress levels lessened through the process.

Social Security Disability Federal Appeal Lawyer 5.0 Stars

Posted by Vicki on August 20, 2019.

Ms. Schurman was referred to me by my original attorney after my third denial. During my consultation, she was very professional, and encouraging. At the Federal trial they found that the ALJ had illegally denied my benefits and ordered SSA to reverse their decisions and pay me benefits. I think that she did a great job, and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Ms. Schurman

Exceptional Lawyer! 5.0 stars

Posted by Cherie on December 5, 2016.

Ms Schurman took my case to appeal it to the federal district court. It had been dragging on for 5 years. Ms Schurman won the federal case for me and i went on to win at the remand hearing. i could not be more grateful and could not recommend her highly enough. Thank you Ms Schurman from the bottom of my heart!

Simply the best 5.0 stars

Posted by Linda on September 3, 2014.

On February 6 1996, I was rear-ended at a red light. I was again rear-ended as a passenger at red lights in 1997 and 1999. Although I did not know it at the time, that first accident was a life-changer. Within four months of that trauma, my MD had ordered me to stop all work. The next two wrecks contributed to my on-going difficulties. The path I was on was being documented in the medical. In June 1996, I filed my first SSDI claim. So began a journey of 13 years. Thirteen long, confusing, terrifying years as I sought to care for myself, seek treatment, get better, and get on with what had become a new “normal.” I was physically, mentally, and financially diminished; everything seemed to be spiraling downward. It was, and it was hard. Really hard. Add to that, I had no idea of what to do. The “Post Concussive Syndrome” I had been diagnosed with early on was not well understood by the wider medical community; many of who even denied its existence. Because of our soldiers (and football players), this is now widely known as “TBI” and better understood even by the public. Because of TBI, I could not “plan forward” among many other mental difficulties. I hope this is better recognized as a possible debilitating side effect of auto accidents now, and that help is at hand and offered early. With my original claim, I went to the hearing by myself. Mistake. Denied. At my next hearing, I went with an Advocate. Mistake. Denied.


I continued for do what those in authority over my life told me to do. Nothing was working. I began looking for a Social Security Disability lawyer. I spoke with a number, but no one was willing to take on my long, complicated, and confusing case. I ran in to someone who told me of Rosemary Schurman, a lawyer willing to take on confusing, convoluted, and therefore difficult, cases. Not a mistake! Although the entire journey took THIRTEEN YEARS and generated three telephone-book-sized volumes of my case, the professionalism, eye to detail, perseverance, dogged determination, and high intellect of Rosemary Schurman walked the walk, with my hand in hers for more than half that journey. She never missed a beat. I am eternally grateful and deeply appreciative of the work Rosemary did on my behalf. We kept at it to the bitter end: Federal Court. It was a long haul, but with Rosemary, at least I had hope. Hope was in short supply. I was grateful realizing the reigning Judge took his job seriously; he had read my case! The “truth” won out. I could hardly believe the Judge had read my case, actually read it!


There were few bright spots in that long journey. Some were my friends who stood by me, and the Judge who actually read my case.


The brightest spot in that long journey was Rosemary Schurman. She believed in me, and we prevailed.

Sincere, Reassuring, and a Fighter

Posted by anonymous on November 16, 2021

Rosemary took on my case after many appeals, hearings, and remands. It took almost 11 years to win. I wanted to give up many times, but Rosemary was always willing to talk to me and reassure me that I had a strong case and to keep fighting. This process felt impossible but having Rosemary on my side and fighting for me was the only way I got through it.

Explains process well 5.0 Stars

Posted by Braunwynn on October 16, 2019.

Rosemary helped me win my case by having it rescinded to the court after my judge denied me and I won my case quickly after that. She knows her stuff! I'm very great full she helped me.

QUICK RESPONSE TIME/Referral 5.0 Stars

Posted by Anonymous on March 28, 2017.

Rosemary was very fast at responding to my inquiry. She provided helpful information about another attorney, since she didn't work specifically on what I was asking about. Thank you for your expedited response and referral.

Best Attorney Experience I've Had 5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous November 5, 2016

I sought Rosemary's help for my father who has esophageal cancer and was denied SS benefits, for years. He had another law firm working on his claims and they yielded no success after many attempts. Eventually it became a situation where the original claim would be void or we had to find another attorney that specializes in appeals to take the claim to the appeals court. I called around on some recommendations that came from another attorney and knew I found the right person when I called and left a voicemail and then followed up with an email. I had a reply back within 15 minutes. Asking all of the details. I could tell she was interested and sharp. Turns out I was right. She won my father's appeal, she never left a voicemail or email unanswered and was beyond professional in the timliness of her replies and even after her part was done, she continued to follow through with assistance where needed. She gets things done. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody. Thank you, Rosemary.

Outstanding Lawyer of the Universe!!!!! 5.0 stars

Posted by Frank August 29, 2014.

Ms. Schurman is an outstanding lawyer who did a job so well that I have trouble finding other attorneys that have heard of the type of legal work she so eloquently does. Ms. Schurman took my triple denied case and appealed it to Federal Court and won. She went on to reduce her agreed upon fees by $2000. WOW! Can you imagine, I presented here with a very dead case and those I presented here with a very dead case and those 34 years of experience went to work and today I have been awarded ssdi. Let me remind you that this was after 3 denials- 2 admin reviews and 1 hearing. Thanks Rosemary, I will remain anonymous, but you will know who I am and can have anyone contact me for a referral. I have refereed other attorneys around the country to her for her rare and exceptional work. My family or I can never thank you enough. This recommendation is the least that I can do.

Rosemary won me my disability case after 5 yrs of being denied. 5.0 stars

Posted by Kristi August 22, 2014.

I have MS. I was denied SS/Disability numerous times I had almost given up. Rosemary was suggested to me thru another lawyer. She was able to get me approved for disability after 5 years of being denied. She is compassionate, efficient, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone fighting for disability.

She got me benefits 5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous June 5, 2009

She fought for me to get disability and she got it for me after I was turned down.